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Union Lifestyle Benefits makes it easy for members to learn more about available insurance options and complete enrollment.

If your union is not currently affiliated with ULB contact us directly.

 Auto/Homeowners Insurance   
  • Provides Discounted Group Premiums

  • Motorcycle, Motor Home, Boat, Commercial & Renters Coverage Available

  • Choose your “best fit” health insurance from a broad menu

  • Easily shop the nation's leading providers

  • One to one phone assistance available to help you

Medicare Supplement
  • The freedom to choose any doctor or specialist that accepts Medicare patients because there is no provider network requirement

  • Predictable out-of-pocket costs including some plans that cover a part or all of Medicare deductibles

  • The peace of mind knowing the fixed premium covers all services and an unexpected illness won’t “break the bank.”

Term Life
  • Affordable coverage for certain needs

  • Choice of 5, 10, 15 or 20 year policy

  • Individual and family coverage available

Mortgage Program
  • Discounted Mortgage Program

  • Personal mortgage counselor

  • Compare rates and save

Critical Illness
  • Pays cash benefits of $10,000, $15,000, $20,000

  • Includes annual wellness benefit

  • Covers cancer, heart attack, stroke, organ transplant, renal failure, MS

Travel & Cruise Planning
  • Member only discounts

  • One on one travel planner

  • Book individual and group cruises

Universal Life
  • Cash building policy that is flexible

  • Benefit remains the same as you get older

  • Insured build cash value

  • Individual & Family coverage

Long Term Care
  • Coverage for members, spouses, parents and in-laws

  • Choice of several benefit amounts and payment length

  • Premium discount off retail pricing

Accident Expense
  • Pays cash benefits in the event of an on/off job accident

  • Helps you pay cost of deductible, co-pays & missed time off work

  • Covered expenses include: x-rays, ER visits, cuts, burns, urgent care, exams etc.

Whole Life
  • Easy underwriting

  • Insured builds cash value

  • Individual & Family coverage

Identity Protection
  • Provides 24/7 identity protection and monitoring

  • Comes with $1,000,000 guarantee from LifeLock

  • Full identity restoration provided in the
    event of a data breach

Hospital Indemnity
  • Pays daily cash benefit when hospitalized

  • Benefits paid directly to member

  • Pays in addition to any other insurance

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